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Hacks to Make the Most out of Your Tiny Kitchen

Posted on 08/12/2021 9:24 AM | by NaijaHouses

Many people understand what it’s like to live in a home with a small kitchen, but many don’t know how to arrange the space to make it feel comfortable and utilizable.

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The Best Kitchen Fire Extinguishers for Staying Safe Through the Holidays

Posted on 06/12/2021 10:51 AM | by NaijaHouses

When choosing a kitchen fire extinguisher, there’ll be a few things you want to consider. This may include size and if it’s rechargeable or disposable. Whatever the choice is that’s right for you, is fine, just make sure you get one!

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Owning a home in Lagos with a limited budget is possible – See how

Posted on 03/12/2021 9:33 AM | by NaijaHouses

For a lot of aspiring Lagosians, one of the major limiting factors of owning a home is price. Even if the price of the home is within budget, the home then almost never ticks all the boxes on the checklist. 

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How to chose outdoor furniture you'll actually use

Posted on 02/12/2021 10:17 AM | by NaijaHouses

With the potential for outdoor-only Christmas on the cards for many of us, now is the time to upgrade your outdoor living situation.

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Local senior living community to showcase cutting-edge home design

Posted on 01/12/2021 8:18 AM | by NaijaHouses

From multifunctional spaces to sumptuous textures, trends in interior design aren’t just for trendy-setting Millennials.

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These Black Friday bed deals are live until the end of the day

Posted on 29/11/2021 11:29 AM | by NaijaHouses

We spotted many, many discounts on bed sheets, weighted blankets, mattresses and bed frames over Black Friday weekend, with plenty of retailers going all out and topping their offers from last year with even more money off for 2021.

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Appraising Air-conditioning Market in Nigeria

Posted on 26/11/2021 8:37 AM | by NaijaHouses

Reports indicate that some air conditioners are not suitable for the Nigerian environment and hence could constitute health hazards or even cause accidents.

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Empty houses litter Nigeria’s cities despite crisis

Posted on 25/11/2021 8:45 AM | by NaijaHouses

“You do not go to a city and build family houses all over the place, because they will be empty.”

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Nigeria: Who or What Will Fix the Electricity Challenge in Nigeria?

Posted on 24/11/2021 8:18 AM | by NaijaHouses

Nigerians have probably got too used to the oddity of unstable electricity supply in a way that everything said about it now appears like a tired platitude.

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Posted on 23/11/2021 2:33 PM | by NaijaHouses

Did you know that having a plant in your house not only adds to the beauty and overall aesthetics of your home but also helps to purify the air and give your home a refreshing feeling all day long?

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